Because of inheritance, so focus on titanium services

About us

LongnanXinjing Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, concentrating on titanium alloy and zirconium alloy casting, established on July 16, 2012, with a registered capital of 100 million CNY.  The company is one of the key backbone enterprises, located at a national economic and technological development zone— Fukang Industrial Park of Longnan Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiangxi Province. Total project investment amount is 290.5 million CNY, including 235.5 million CNY of fixed assets investment. The estimated annual sales will be 600 million, 43 million assessment for tax and will create 480 jobs when fully established and with full operation.

The company’s floor area is 105 acres.Main production buildings include a smelting workshop, a modeling workshop and a finishing workshop.  Other supporting facilities include a warehouse for raw material and finished products, employee dormitory, an administration building, power supply and distribution system, water supply and sewer system and environment & safety system, total building area is 70,465sq.m.

The company owns the technique of REO(rare earth oxide) precision casting, machining/graphite mould casting and composite sand casting for titanium alloy. The equipments and technologies take the domestic and international leading positions, including but not limited to the equipment of REO preparation and alloy smelting, the technology of vacuum induction melting and after-finishing. To provide different casting type services, the company had set up multiple titanium and zirconium casting lines with almost 200 large scale equipments includingshell making production line, manipulator and auto drying line, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, skull furnace, vacuum induction furnace, 1000kg consumable electrode furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, X-ray inspection line and non-broken fluorescence detection system, auto-pickling line, 3000T press and vacuum argon welding chambers, which can satisfy the mass production of large or small complex castings size from diameter of 1000mm to tiny parts as thin as 0.5mm.  Maximum annual output is 2000T of titanium/zirconium casting, including at least 500pcs large size castings or 1 million pieces of medium/small size castings.

Nowadays, the company’s products are widely applied in the field of aerospace aviation, ocean, ship, chemical, sporting and also civil hardware.  It has gained a good reputation from inside and outside the country by its advanced and innovated production technology and good casting quality, and has become the titanium castings supplier of world famous brands such as CSIC(China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation) Shanghai Valve Plant, STILETTO, CALLAWAY, MIZUNO, etc.